(For Hearing Aid Dispensers and Dispensing Audiologists)


How can I find out if my license is up to date?

  • Use our online license verification database to view your license information. Important information regarding your license including when your license was issued, when your license expires, if your license is delinquent, and if your address is incorrect

How do I change my address of record?

How do I change my name?

  • The request must be in writing and mailed to the Board. You will need to include documentation of the name change. Please note, there is a $25 processing fee per license type to receive updated physical licenses prior to renewing license. Download the Notification of Name Change form from our website:


Where do I mail my application and supporting documentation to?

  • 1601 Response Road, Suite 260, Sacramento, CA 95815

How do I submit fingerprints?



  • If you are submitting fingerprints from out-of-state, submit two completed FD-258 fingerprint cards and an additional $49 processing fee. Download a template for printing the FD-258 fingerprint card onto cardstock paper on our website:
  • Or call ahead to any fingerprinting location to see if they have FD-258 cards available on-site.

How can I check the status of my application?

  • Please allow at least two weeks from the date received for processing. Processing time for incomplete applications will vary dependent upon when supporting documentation is received. You may email the Board at to check the status


How do I apply for the written examination?

How do I apply for the practical examination?

  • Passing the written examination is required before you can apply for the practical examination.
  • You will be given an application for the practical examination when you pass the written examination.
  • Currently the practical exam is only being offered in Sacramento.
  • Mail the application and fee of $500 during the filing period. You will be notified via e-mail as to whether you have been accepted.
  • Practical examination dates and filing periods can be found on the website:
  • Results come back 4-6 weeks after taking the examination.
  • When you pass the practical examination, you will be given an application for the permanent license.
  • The outline for the practical examination can be found at:
  • The practical examination handbook and additional information about the examination can be found at the link below:


When is my renewal period for completing continuing education (CE) hours?

  • Hearing Aid Dispenser and Dispensing Audiology license renewal period is the one-year period from expiration date to expiration date of your license. CCR 1399.140(a) and CCR 1399.160(d)
  • There is no grace period. Working with a delinquent or expired license is considered unlicensed practice and is a violation of the law. B&P 2538.48
  • If this is your first renewal, no continuing education is required.
  • No continuing education is required for trainee licenses or temporary licenses.
  • The required number of CE hours for your license type can be found on our website:

How long do I need to maintain record of my CE hours?

  • You are required to maintain records of completion for a minimum of two years beyond the date you renew your license. CCR 1399.140(b)

How do I submit my CE hours?

  • By submitting a completed renewal form you are certifying to the Board that you have completed the requirement. You do not need to submit evidence of completion for the CE requirement unless requested by the Board.


What are the responsibilities of a supervisor?

  • For HAD-Trainee supervisors, please reference CCR 139.116

How many trainees may I supervise?


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How long is my TEMPORARY (licensed in another state) license valid for?

  • One year (it is not renewable).
  • If you fail the written or practical examination, you are no longer authorized to practice as a hearing aid dispenser with your temporary license. You must immediately surrender your temporary license.


How long is my TRAINEE (supervised) license valid for?

  • The trainee license is issued for six months (it may be renewed twice).

How much supervision is required?

  • Twenty percent direct supervision is required. The supervisor must be immediately available all the time.
  • If you fail any examination, the supervising dispenser is required to be physically present at all fittings and sales made by the trainee-applicant regardless of whether these occur in or outside the supervising dispenser’s business location. CCR 1399.119(d)